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 Mark A. Barron - The Computer Barron

Sr. Database Administrator, Network Administrator, Programmer Analyst


Over 25 years of diverse experience developing and implementing various strategic technology operations, including software, hardware, web presence, systems integration, phone systems, security systems, marketing, IT and personnel strategies designed to improve operating efficiency and increase profits for small businesses to multimillion dollar corporations.



Databases: MS SQL Server (all versions from 1.0 through 2008r2), MySQL, Sybase, FoxPro, DB2, Paradox, MS Access, Oracle

Hardware: PCs, Servers, MAC, AS400, RS6000, Wireless Routers, Wireless Bridges, Print Servers, Switches, Cisco, Motorola, PBX, Meridian, Signal Boosters, Transmitters, Receivers

Software: Constant Contact, Microsoft Office all versions, DOS, Focus, Web Focus, Crystal Reports, AutoCAD, Corel Draw, Photoshop, QuickBooks, Great Plains

Networks: Novell all versions, Microsoft all versions, Concurrent DOS, ISDN, TCPIP, Frame Relay, Lantastic, SQL Server Clustering, VOIP, DSL, VPN

Languages: COBOL, RPG, Basic, Pascal, Aspect, C, C++, Paradox, MS Access, Html, XML, CGI, Pearl, Delphi, Java, Swish, FoxPro, Visual Studio .Net, Dbase, DB2, PhP, Visual Basic


2009 – 2010                            Power Systems Computers

Performed all off site Wired and Wireless Networks / Server Installations, and support. Clients include TOL charter school, Sacred Heart Catholic church, Immanuel Baptist, SEB Investments and Texas Baptist Committed. Supported MS Exchange Server, Windows Server,, TSL Tower setup, network connectivity, VoIP phones connected to Florida switchboard, established training hub and multimedia setup. Performed as DBA for Membership Plus SQL Server program and integration with Installed database, implemented to multiple clients, automated data input and updating. Performed multiple upgrades of SQL Server up through 2008, Windows Server and Membership Plus applications, including patches, security updates and configuration. Extensive work with Verizon SQL Server-based systems and Network Engineering support for technicians. Used SQL Server to update images for workstations and user software, migrated from Lotus Notes to Outlook, and updated software that tracked and recorded emergency response calls into SQL Server, and implemented ISIS data encryption.

1987 – Present                       Independent Consulting

Database Administration on SQL Server, Sybase, Paradox, DB2, MS Access, Oracle, MySQL, FoxPro. Implemented SQL Server updates on live running servers even in clustered environments. Worked on SQL Server from 1.0 through 2000, 2005, and 2008, including previous work on Sybase before SQL Server became an independent application. Performed updating, security patches, optimization, and administration. Monitored and optimized databases for a number of clients. Supported and implemented integration with front-end applications. Responsible for transferring data, performing data cleansing and enrichment, and replicating data. Extensive work on reporting. Responsible for data modeling, database design, database implementation, documentation and training of end user technical staff to ensure they would become self-sufficient and able to support eh database and system independently as needed.

Sample Projects:

·         Created application for Trinity Industries (Trucking firm), to pull data from remote database and display reports in Access Front End.

·         Created paperless office for Clear View Laser Vision  who needed support for Lasik procedures. Implemented database and systems to track data from multiple cameras and other tools, integrated output directly to MS Access. When database filled too quickly because of limitation inherent to MS Access image storing, to strip the viewer out of each image and only store the image data using DBpix, allowing scaling and capacity to last 25 years at projected rates of growth.

·         For Singapore Technologies and Calibration Specialties, wrote calibration program and tool crib program for inventory tracking using SQL Server and MS Access. Designed and developed the front end application and integrated to the SQL Server/MS Access backend. Responsible for data modeling, database design, data dictionary creation, and training to end users and technical staff.

·         Weaver Spring & Break created complete inventory control and work order tracking system. Integrated with Quickbooks, invoicing, and accounts receivable using Paradox on the backend.

·         Heath Sign Company (three divisions, Tampa, Dallas, and Los Angeles) had duplication in all three locations, met with Board of Directors to provide technology advice for integration and improved efficiencies. Developed system to automate national outage tracking, repair dispatching, and insurance reporting. Established production control system and capacity reporting.

·         Taylor Publishing implemented production control systems from 1990 through 2002. Created emulation program for 3690 Mainframe interface to take data from external database, key in information, save the data, pull a report, verify data in system against entry and correct any errors. SQL Server databases. Automated data importing and enrichment for mailing system that enriched zip codes to zip+5 and corrected spelling of streets in SQL Server/MS Access environment. Performed data forensics to track down and repair $39-million-dollar accounting error. Implemented Crystal Reports and trained Taylor technical staff on reporting. Performed multiple SQL Server upgrades, patches and security implementation up through SQL Server 2000.


Sample Projects:  (continued) 

·         Harris HMO originally had a flat database using SQL Server on the backend with MS Access front end, but performance was degraded due to 1-dimensional structure and massive numbers of records. Redesigned the database to support increasing scalability, upgraded reporting tools, and normalized structure.

·         Cowgirl Hall of Fame, upgraded MS Access database of donors. Responsible for database design, and integration with point of sale, inventory and other systems.

·         Smith Barney: Optimized and secured SQL Server database that supported forecasting and portfolio management system. Established Instant Messaging, VoIP phones, TCP/IP email and Web Hosting.

·         Created estimating and inventory control system for multiple electronic supply stores, and beauty supply firms, supported scalability and efficiencies in systems as one company quadrupled in size over 4-year period.

·         Pagenet (Biggest paging firm in united states) created flash billing system for deployment to 39 states to check mainframe and record services data in database and generate reports for billing systems.

·         Taylor Reunion Services Created system to integrate reservation system to integrate all services travel, catering, hosting, rentals, etc to support reunions. Demonstrated functional database with over 1 million records, and scaled database to support over 900 simultaneous high-school reunions simultaneously without degraded performance.


Additional Work by Industry 

Aviation Industry: Air Salvage of Dallas, Inc. (One of the largest aircraft crash investigation and storage site in the US.) Developed and implemented all software for Air Salvage of Dallas, Inc. including, crash investigations, retrieval and storage of crashed aircraft, inventory control of aircraft and parts, complete tracking of any part they sold, and worked with FAA in developing curriculum for IA refresher courses for 10 years.

Manufacturing: Designed, developed, and implemented the following software for Taylor Publishing Company, Inc. in Dallas and El Paso (Taylor Publishing at the time was the largest publishers of year books in the U.S.) I was referred to as their "gun slinger" when they had a problem that needed resolving. Production control, and system integration with IBM mainframe, presses, bindery, and other production equipment. software support, customer service, sales and marketing, accounts receivable, credit processing, and reunion services.

Manufacturing: Heath Sign Company, inc. (The third largest sign manufacturer in the U.S.) Designed, developed, and implemented the following software: Production control, capacity reporting, revised revenue, P&L reporting. Engineering, cad design integration, automation of production with integration of control codes to esob, lindy, and nesting machines. National service. Sales and marketing, remote customer status, work in progress, estimating.


Additional Work by Industry (continued)

Financial: Smith Barney: (one of the largest brokerage houses at the time) Maintained VPN network and secure email between Bethesda, Md. And Austin, TX from 1989 through 2002. Helped Implement the National Estate and Wealth Management Project.

Medical: Harris Medical Hospital, Fort Worth, TX. (The largest hospital in Fort Worth) Redesigned several databases for HMO and PPO operations. Designed frontend applications for several departments to access client server databases.

Food Service: Designed and Implemented a complete application to invoice, route orders, receive remote orders, maintain inventory, AP, AR, and pay commissions.

Touch Screen Systems: Designed Software and Hardware to run restaurants and pizza delivery businesses as well as customer interactive kiosk type systems.



·         HP Photo Lab Certified

·         Microsoft Yearly Seminars

·         QuickBooks online training

·         Northlake Jr College, Las Colinas, TX

      GPA: 4.0. Completed Accounting Course

·         ATI, Dallas, TX

      GPA: 4.0. Received Certificate in AutoCAD and Programming, COBOL, RPG, BASIC, and PASCAL. Graduated                       Valedictorian
·         Blinn Jr. College, Bryan, TX

      GPA: 3.7

·         Weatherford Jr. College, Weatherford, TX

      GPA: 4.0


·         HP Photo Labs Certified

·         Barister Contract Technician

·         Field Services Technician

·         Halifax Services Technician

·         Microsoft Web Presence Developer

·         Microsoft Developer Partner

·         QuickBooks Advisor

·         Verizon Primary Provider - San Angelo

·         Certified Acer Product Vendor

·         Certified RMS Product Dealer

·         Certified Zebra Product Vendor

·         NFIB

·         San Angelo Chamber of Commerce

·         Certified Intel Product Dealer



Baseball Coach, Ballinger Little League, 2009 to 2010

Basketball Coach, Little Dribblers – Miles, 2004 to 2006

Web Developer, 1997 to 2003

Heritage Elementary School, Highland Village, TX

Donated, designed and implemented a school web site to help with parent teacher communication. This helped the school attain blue ribbon status. In 1998 the web site won 1st place for design in the state of Texas out of all elementary schools.

Database Developer, 1994 to 1995

Christians In Action, Lewisville, TX

Donated hardware and helped develop database for inventory.

Web Developer, 1996 to 1999

Lewisville Chamber of Commerce, Lewisville, TX

Donated, designed, developed, hosted, and maintained web sit for the chamber. Developed an automatic HTML program generator that maintained the membership listing. This site won 3rd place in the state of Texas in 1999 out of all chambers entered.





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